Curiosity won’t kill you, it’ll make you smarter

“Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. I think a lot of what people call intelligence boils down to curiosity.” – Aaron Swartz

Today was a good reminder to me that I’m only as smart as the people I talk to. Part of a daily ritual means making time to meet new people and explore new places.

Don’t rewatch the same film, branch out, explore new genres, new directors, etc.

Break out of the bubble and learn new things.

The practice of dying

If today was your last day to live what would your honesty and kindness settings be?

I’ve read that when people know they’re going to die, they dial up the honesty and kindness settings. What have they got to lose? It’s now or never.

Start the practice of dying now. Be honest and be kind now. Turn it up.

Take control of that first moment

Wake up each morning, say thank you and smile. Take a deep breath, wiggle your toes, connect with your body and be grateful that you have a brand new day that’s full of possibilities and fresh starts.

Do it before you reach for your phone or start the daily family routines of exercise, breakfast, work, and survival. Twitter, WhatsApp, and Email aren’t going anywhere and what are you going to do about it first thing in the morning g anyway? Chill.

Take control of that first moment and start the new day on your terms.

Me, myself, I

You are only your true self when you are alone. No mirrors, no people to project onto, no triggers.

Close your eyes, relax the furrows in your brow, jaw and eye sockets. Concentrate on you for a bit and then smile.

Downward Cat

My cat is better at yoga and breathing than me. After some garden exploration, she sits down on the couch, stretches her back and slips into zen mode.

Stretching chanting, breathing, exercise, gongs are all about achieving an animal state. That animal state is the same state your cat or dog produces in two seconds while sitting on the couch.

Don’t confuse the animal state with spiritual development. Work on the latter separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Keep them close

Stay social and stay connected to people. Nurture old and new friendships, especially the old ones. If you are a man, then carve out man time. If you are women, then make time for other women.

Time with friends is as important as exercise and eating well. Time well spent with people you are close will counterbalance stress, anxiety and other vices.

Make it happen and build the habit. The sign that you have the muscle memory is that you’ll miss the interaction when it’s gone. Start now and organize something this week.