Free range dogs

Dog parks and open land areas where dogs can run off-leash have similar overflowing energy.

I get so much joy watching dogs running at full speed, playing and romping around.

The dog owners are throwing balls, chatting to each other, and socializing. 

Fresh air, exercise, and loving owners are good for the soul. 

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Pets and Patience

I was chatting to an old grey hair friend the other day and he shared his rule for working with people:

When he meets with new clients, one of his questions is whether or not they have pets. It gives him a good idea about what they are like to work with. His theory is that pet owners are more comfortable with the imperfections of life and mostly roll with it. Animals vomit on that special carpet or scratch that fancy chair. Their hairs get everywhere. Dogs bark at inconvenient times like when the baby is sleeping, and cats don’t come when you call them. Living with animals is a practice of love and patience.

Animals teach us to throw our hands up in the air and say shit happens! We get exasperated and angry but give the dog a cuddle anyway.

Be okay with surrendering control. Life won’t follow your script. Animals are great teachers.