Ease of exercise

Body weight exercises routines can be done anywhere. It could be a combo of stretches, push up or sit ups. And it’s equipment free. So no set up or clunky kit. Maybe it’s at an airport during a layover or in a cramped hotel room to remedy jet lag. 

Going for a run is the same thing. All you need is a pair of running shoes and the side walk is your running track. I think the reason soccer is so popular is that all kids need is a ball and friends. Their soccer field can be a parking lot or a patch of dirt.

Ease of exercise is the key. Forget the fancy equipment or the expensive gym membership. It’s low stress on your body, and as your body ages you can adapt.

Get into a routine that’s first thing in the morning, and make it easy to start. Outdoors is always better, so choose an open space or park nearby your home. If that’s not an option then do it at home, but lower the barrier to entry and make it easy to start. 

Capture creativity

Creativity can’t be contrived. The best ideas come at unexpected moments. Ideas are fleeting, so set up the systems to capture the inspiration when it appears. Get a good note taking app that memorializes ideas so you can dwell and build on them after the moment passes.

The native note taking app on the iphone, Apple Notes, is my app of choice. It’s quick, simple and easy to share the individual notes with friends if I want to collaborate or get feedback (sharing ideas is a great way to keep me accountable and solicit feedback).


Vampires and Silver Bullets

Vampires suck on you constantly. The more distracted you are the better it is for them.

It’s the monthly subscription you pay for but never use, the unread book that sits on your bedside table, and people with their own agendas requesting time and attention. These things drain you over time and suck up your energy. The constant pull builds up resentment in you and the result is anger and frustration.

It’s hard to say no to people when you don’t have a yes to something else. Free up space to spend time on your own goals and dreams. Once you’ve simplified and clarified “your way” then it’s easier to see the vampires because the clutter is removed.

Taking time out, sitting still and breathing is like garlic and silver bullets. Do it every day.


Simplify things. This isn’t just about the things you own. It’s about the personal and work commitments as well. Say “no” more often and say “yes” to a simplified life. De-clutter your life. Pick one or two things and do that super well. Don’t be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Go deep, be present and give it 100%

Actions and Aspirations 

If you feel a pang of jealousy when a friend tells you exciting news about a bold move or life event, then it’s a signal that it’s time to ask some questions.

Are you in line with your actions and aspirations? If there’s misalignment then it’s exacerbated by hearing about someone’s joy, or good fortune. The jealousy pang is an alarm bell. When you’re in alignment you won’t get activated.

Listen to the alarm bells, don’t ignore them and make the correction.

Room to roam around your mind

You mind can’t roam free when it’s cluttered. A cluttered mind is exhausting and will trip you up and slow you down.

Maybe it’s an old to do list, a bill you need to pay, an unread book sitting on your bedside table, a tough conversation, a phone call that needs to be returned.

All this stuff clutters up your mind and sucks energy. Don’t let it fester and take up space. Get it done or let it go.

Opportunity favors the prepared mind

Another way to describe opportunity is luck, chance, or the right set of circumstances. In other words luck favors the prepared mind. To be prepared you’ve got to execute and you’ve got to be persistent.

Have you noticed a pattern with lucky people?

1. They are doers. There’s less talk and more action. They probably get it wrong more than right and the arm chair critics always have something to say. But the critics don’t stop them. I’m sure it’s discouraging to hear the sniping or read the comments – but it’s not paralyzing.

This was theme of the recent Nike “They talk. We Play” campaign. I love it.

2. Lucky people are resilient and don’t take no for an answer. They are persistent

Luck doesn’t come to your house and knock on the door or politely ring the doorbell. Luck is out in wild being discovered by so called “lucky people”. Get out there and stay out there where the luck is.