I finally watched this movie and I highly recommend it. It will be difficult to appreciate the film if you haven’t lived in the US and seen the paradoxes of the people and the landscapes.

You haven’t visited the US if you’ve just been to New York, LA, San Francisco, Miami, Boston or Chicago. Those are vibrant port cities that are their own little nation states.

To try to understand and appreciate the US enigma you need to dig a deeper and see all the layers. Nomadland does that.

Creating space for your ideas

Athletes create space on the field of play all the time. They create space and execute on a move that looks like magic to the naked eye. It’s like they see on a different frequency or can tell the future.

Cricket batsmen thread a ball between two fielders with a flick of a bat.

Soccer players kick through a gap that wasn’t there a second ago.

Quarterbacks find the hands of a receiver faster than a TV camera. The only way to watch the replay is in slow motion.

The common thread is that these athletes commit and don’t hesitate. It’s about forward motion, momentum, and quick decisions.

Ideas and opportunities work the same way. New options and helpers appear when you commit and take action.