Your gut is primal, start listening 👂🏽 

Don’t be afraid to trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right then pause and listen. I’ve made some of my biggest personal and professional relationship mistakes when I’ve tuned out my gut and intellectualized or rationalized the feeling that was telling me it wasn’t a fit or there was trouble on the horizon if I worked with the person. As I’ve become more secure and self confident I’ve learned to listen and muster up the courage to act when I get that feeling.

The feeling is primal and it’s the reason I’m here today. If my ancestors had ignored those feelings it could have meant death. Animals in the wild survive by tuning in to weather patterns, sounds smells, vibrations and unseen energy…they have a finely tuned sense for signal. When the tsunamis struck Indonesia in 2004, the animals were seeking higher ground long before the humans were. That’s because we’ve tuned out our primal senses that have kept us alive for thousands of years.

Don’t over intellectualize. Have the self confidence to trust your gut. That feeling got your genes this far and it’ll keep you in the game if align you with it.

One thought on “Your gut is primal, start listening 👂🏽 

  1. Also beware of false positives. Billions of dollars are spent by big brands on marketing to make us feel certain things. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between true gut feels and feelings that have been implanted through stealthy and relentless marketing campaigns.

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