Choose books wisely 

How long does it take you to read a book? With everything else going on like Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, politics and multiple email inboxes it’s challenging to carve out the time to read. Let’s say it takes you 30 days to read a good sized book. That’s 12 books a year. Over the next 30 years that’s 360 books.

Now imagine a local book store or the collection of books available on Amazon. With all that choice…360 books over a 30 year time span doesn’t sound like a lot of books to me. Choose your books wisely and don’t suffer through a shitty book. There’s so much goodness out there waiting to be uncloaked with the turn of a page.

p.s. Grazing is another way to stay on top of your reading. Keep a couple of titles ready on a kindle or phone that you can dip into when the timing permits. 

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