3 months down

I’ve been publishing something every week day since April 3rd of 2017. My theory is that practicing every week will make me a better writer. With over 3 months behind me, here are my initial observations:

I get a lot of joy in the practice of writing. The more I write the easier it gets.

The first draft is just an idea and it’s normally messy and long winded. Editing always shortens the piece and it’s easier to edit later on. I jot down the idea when it emerges and worry about the editing later.

My most read pieces are the ones where I show up with my own personal experience and feelings. These are also the scariest pieces to publish because it’s when I’m most vulnerable. People resonate with authenticity and smell bullshit quickly.

Twitter is a great broadcast platform, but a tweet has a very short halflife. The WordPress community are way more supportive and are a more reliable source of traffic and feedback. Facebook is a mega booster of traffic but I don’t use it much so tend to stay away.

I’m been surprised by how much I compose and publish via my phone. I thinks it’s because it allows me to write when the moment is right…and my phone is with me most of the time.

I don’t stress if I don’t feel creative or don’t have time to write. When I create the environment for creativity then the ideas bubble up. New places, travel, friends and conversations with family all plant ideas. Sometimes I won’t write for 3 days and then when the moment is right I’ll get 3 or 4 pieces out of one session. My lesson is that I can’t  force creativity, but creating the conditions for creativity is way more useful.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. I love reading comments and getting ideas back from my readers. The snarky comments burn a little but that’s part of putting myself out there.

I occasionally ask friends, colleagues and family to read a draft. Especially when I’ve hit a blocker. Sometimes the feedback kills the idea, but most of the time if helps me publish.

My ideas don’t just appear out of thin air. They are an amalgamation of tweets, books and conversations. I don’t think anything is original…everything I write is a patchwork of other ideas I’ve heard, filed away and regurgitated in my own voice.

That’s it for now.

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