10 gentle things

Be gentle when you floss.

Be gentle when you brush your teeth. Hold the tooth brush like you are holding a baby bird.

Be gentle with cats and dogs. You can learn a lot from them about love.

Be gentle when you stretch. If it hurts then release the stretch and slow down.

Be gentle when you drive. Let people in, smile, drive slowly when you are in a residential area.

Be gentle when you eat. Chew and swallow softly. You’ll taste the food and you’ll eat less.

Be gentle with busy waiters and waitresses. Your food will taste better if everyone is relaxed.

Be gentle when building furniture. If you have to force it, then you probably haven’t read the instructions.

Be gentle on your knees. They are like a pair of tires, but you don’t get to retread them. Stay off the concrete and run on the trails.

Be gentle with old people and babies.




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