Write down your principles

Your principles are the rules governing your behavior. We hear this a lot from politicians and companies.  Politicians love to talk about family values, and corporations paint them all over their website. You’ll hear words like honesty, integrity, truth, kindness, etc. These are all rules that govern the behavior of the company’s employees or form the basis for how a politician will govern.

Have you stopped to ask yourself about your own principles? What are the rules that govern your decision making and behavior?

Ethical principles are honesty, authenticity, humbleness, kindness, justice. Not all beliefs are moral or right. There is no universal set of principles that everyone subscribes to. Someone else’s actions or conduct may be founded on greed, domination, winning, selfishness, survival of the fittest. Before you work with people, make sure you have a good idea about their value system and the foundation for their decision making.  Principles matter when the pressure is on.


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