Lurking, posting and fasting

Stop lurking on social media. Lurking is the same as consuming content. You are still ‘using’ even if you aren’t posting. Just because you don’t post doesn’t mean you aren’t being sucked in and manipulated with an endorphin hit. I’ll bet that most people who say they don’t use Facebook actually spend the same amount of time as everyone else scrolling through photos.

Give yourself a break for maintenance and downtime. It’s like those jet planes that fly from New York to London every night. They land in London, passengers get off, the plane is cleaned, refueled, and the new crew arrives. Over time the components wear out and need to be maintained, so it’s taken out of circulation, rested and fixed up.

Do the same thing for your brain with social media. Turn it off for a day or a week. See how you feel after a digital fast. You might not come back and that’s okay.

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