The power of the pause

There’s a risk of breaking a flow state when you take a pause. Pauses break momentum and restarting a project requires activation energy. I’m sure we’ve all felt this in January after the Christmas break, or coming back to work after a four day weekend. It takes time to get up to speed again. Things are no longer at your fingertips, you have to recall where you saved working files, and conversations are hazy.  It’s like exercising after you’ve had the flu. Your muscles are stiff, and your body aches for a bit.

But the reactivation energy after a pause is worth it but not evident in the beginning. The indirect benefits of taking a break take time to kick in. Breaks foster creativity, give you new perspectives and recharges your mind and body. Spending time with family and friends is good for the soul and will make you a more relaxed person to be around when you get back into the swing.

A pause is like sharpening the saw. Take the time to sharpen the blade and then you’ll be more efficient cutting wood. Take a pause and sharpen the saw.

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