Don’t always dull the pain

Here is an excellent article on pain management and how Americans have normalized pain management. Ibuprofen as a painkiller came up as one of the standard culprits. In the past, I’ve written that we should kick the stimulants, and how we should listen to and trust our bodies again.

Ibuprofen is like candy. You can buy large tubs of the stuff straight off the shelf. Painkillers are just like caffeine, sugar, and alcohol – they mask how we are really feeling. It’s also pretty nasty on your stomach lining and taxing for your kidneys. It shouldn’t be the remedy of first resort.

Painkillers are necessary at times like surgery and or something chronic. I’m not talking about those cases. I’m talking about the everyday pain management for a hangover, headache, achy muscle, insomnia, fatigue or just a shitty day.

This line from the article has stayed with me, it’s about letting the pain be your guide.

“Pain is a part of life. We cannot eliminate it nor do we want to. The pain will guide you. You will know when to rest more; you will know when you are healing. If I give you Vicodin, you will no longer feel the pain, yes, but you will no longer know what your body is telling you. You might overexert yourself because you are no longer feeling the pain signals. All you need is rest. And please be careful with ibuprofen. It’s not good for your kidneys. Only take it if you must. Your body will heal itself with rest.”

Listen to your body. If it’s pissed off with something, then you’ll know pretty quickly. If you are in pain, then treat the cause, not the symptom. If it hurts then stop doing it.

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