Thought ruts

Have you ever ridden a bike trail and got stuck in a rut. It’s a deep track made by the repeated use of other bikers. If you aren’t concentrating, then the bike finds it’s way into the rut and it’s pretty hard to bounce out.

Thought ruts are the same way. I have thought tracks that I return to again and again. It’s like they are on repeat. I’ve got to catch myself, or I become unconscious and slip into autopilot. I’ll revisit last silly mistake I made, wrong decisions, woulda coulda shoulda. Specific locations like the shower, washing dishes, commuting home trigger this thinking. It’s the mindless work that drops my guard and before I know it I’m back in the rut.

Call it out when it happens, click the reset button and get out of the rut. The trick is to admit you are stuck on repeat and get back into reality.

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