Talking about it is fake momentum

I’ve seen a lot of smart people get frustrated with their current careers, but refuse to do anything about it. These are people who are good at their jobs but find it really dull. It’s hamster wheel stuff. They tend to talk a lot about doing their own thing, starting something on the side, writing a book, traveling, taking time off, etc. but never do anything about it.

Talk is great, research will inform you, reading up on the topic will prepare and scare you. Opportunity favors the prepared mind, but there comes a time when you gotta move.

Talking to mentors and elders about shared experiences will give you a false sense of momentum, but the truth is that the hardest decisions in life are made on your own. Most of the things you’ll build and the mistakes you’ll make will happen when you are alone.

Carve out time, which means less time on the web, less time social media and start the work.

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