Who to Follow, Unfollow, Block and Mute on Twitter

Follow someone new each week. Preferably someone outside your network. Scratch and peck through replies on a high-quality tweet thread and you’ll find some contrarian views.

Follow people you don’t agree with or who activate you. Their ideas will pop the bubble around you and might learn something new. I’m not talking about the trolls. I mean people who are using evidence-based facts and bringing the receipts.

Follow the authors you enjoy. Most of them tweet these days. The authentic ones control their feed and write their own stuff. Unfollow anyone who has a whiff of a PR shop managing their feed.

Follow directors, producers, and screenwriters of the films you like. That’s where the good stuff is. On the other hand, most actors read lines someone else wrote for them.

Cable news entertainers are not journalists. Stop feeding the beast.

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