Get back to the T

I signed up for a squash tournament a couple of years ago. I’ve always had a knack for the game and thought I’d see how I’d do in a competitive setting. I was thrashed in my first match. Ugh. It was frustrating. 

A more experienced and talented friend watched my first game and offered up some welcomed coaching advice. His advice was to always get back to the T. The T is the center of the court and being in the center would give me control over the court and make the next shot easier. 

It’s seductive to watch an opponent scramble to reach a good shot. But admiring means you ain’t moving. Get back to the T and wait for the response. Being centered means you are balanced and waiting. I won the next game and it wasn’t because I was warmed up, it was because I charged back to the center each time. 

Stay on the T, stay balanced and count your chickens after the game. 

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