Drink the Earthquake Wine

Whenever we are given an expensive bottle of wine or splurge on our favorite bottle, we nickname it Earthquake Wine.

Living in California means that experiencing an earthquake is not about if, it’s about when. We’ve seen the pictures of the 1989 Loma Prieta quake. Big shocks mean broken windows, overturned bookcases, and severe structural damage. I doubt that a bottle of wine in a cupboard will go unscathed. So why wait? We drink it and savor it when we’ve got it. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion. These bottles don’t gather dust in our house

With most beautiful things, I can never understand why people buy fancy watches or rare cars and then store them in cotton wool never to see daylight — what a waste. If I’m going to buy it, then I plan to enjoy it.

It’s like the saying “give with warm hands” – if I I’m going to give, then I do it while I’m are alive and share in the joy of sharing and giving. Don’t wait until you are dead. What’s the point?

Pop open that bottle and enjoy it, put on the watch, take the car for a spin, help out someone now. Do it with warm hands.

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