Breakthrough moments are cumulative

Any new sport starts with a high addictive energy kick. The Endorphin highs and excitement is fantastic. Anything is possible. You want to master whatever it is.

The next phase is the dip. Your muscles hurt, progress slows down, and low energy kicks in. If it’s surfing, the dip is when you start getting a rash, and the salt water burns the chafing. If it’s yoga, the dip is when getting up for a morning class feels like a chore, and your back muscles are sending warning timeout signals.

Breakthroughs happen after a dip. Most people miss them because they give up during the dip. Breakthroughs happen when you start going through the motions, and muscle memory kicks in. You get into the zone. There’s no warning, then suddenly it happens – clarity, peace, calm – and then it’s gone.

Keep working and push through the next dip when it arrives. The cool thing is that the breakthroughs are cumulative and build over time. The bad news is that the dips get deeper too.

Keep going; it’s worth it.

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