Cosmic check-ins

Have you ever thought about phoning someone for a catch-up, reached for your phone to dial their number – but your phone starts ringing because they are already phoning you? The person you were going to call is calling you, and you have thought about talking to each other at precisely the same time!

The same thing happens on WhatsApp. I’ll be thinking I need to message a friend and check-in – and out of the blue, I’ll get pinged from that friend checking in on me.

Have you ever dreamed about an old friend and then heard some news that they are going through a tough time. I have no idea why this happens again and again, but I’ve stopped being surprised.

Nowadays, when an old friend pops into my head, then I always try to give them a call or send them a quick note. Maybe they pick up, perhaps they don’t, it doesn’t matter, I follow up with a quick text and then continue on my way.

If you think that phone calls are a drag in 2020, then time box the call. Tell the person you only have 15 minutes, it’ll help you skip the pleasantries and get down to catching up. Follow up with an email or a text. Sometimes a note and a check-in from an old friend can go a long way for someone. Just because they don’t respond doesn’t mean it didn’t hit home.

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