Listen to the crazy ones too (sometimes)

When people are scared and afraid it’s wise to listen to the court jesters and crazies. The jesters and the crazies aren’t constrained by the cultural norms and guardrails that we live with every day. The jesters and crazies speak truth to power. Modern day truth speakers are personalities on YouTube, Byte, Twitter, WeChat, TikTok and Instagram.

Listening to crazy is like plugging into a stream of consciousness with a lot of intermingled bullshit woven in, but if you look carefully, sometimes there’s a pattern. Remember how our old high fidelity stereo systems had knobs for stuff like bass, volume, balance, treble, etc. Twitter and Facebook have a knob like that for Crazy. With climate change, Coronavirus, politics, tariff wars, immigration, Brexit, technology, crypto, etc. it’s worth creating a Crazy filter setting to dip into it from time to time.

You win the game if you can live in both worlds. The everyday world is the ‘don’t panic, follow the rules, and pay your bills’ world. The other world is the batshit crazy Alice in Wonderland world. Take small bites and dips into Alice’s world , and it’ll help you with perspective and insight into the fear driven rules-based and regulated world.

p.s. “It’s dangerous to be right, when the government is wrong” – Voltaire

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