Buskers and the audacity of hope

I’m amazed by the talent and guts of the buskers I see on my walk home. They set up in a crowded thoroughfare, tune-up their guitar, and start belting out some music. There’s no backup band or support crew, it’s just them playing for their supper at 5pm on a Tuesday evening. A crowd forms typically, and some people take out their phones to capture a song or a moment. For every pop star who’s broken through into the big time, there must be millions of performers who will never make it off the busy pedestrian path and into a recording studio. I suppose the modern-day digital buskers are the people posting their performances onto youtube and hoping for some kind of traction. There’s so much talent out there screaming to be discovered, but so little attention and time. Maybe ignorance and audacity of hope are why some of them succeed because if they knew the odds of failure, they would never try.

maaria-lohiya-LhWr3yGGC6k-unsplashPhoto by Maaria Lohiya on Unsplash

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