Fatal catalysts

When an elderly person breaks their hip and loses their independence, it’s usually the beginning of a downhill slide. Once they are bedridden and lose mobility, then other body and brain stuff start to fail. They die from another cause, but it’s the broken hip that was the fatal catalyst.

Keep an eye out for fatal catalysts. Young people are not immune to it either, although the cycle is longer. A nasty cold stops them from exercising every day. Less exercise means more fatigue and worse eating habits. Maybe sugar intake increases as a supplement for the exercise endorphin kick. The common cold was the catalyst to an unhealthy lifestyle and a broken routine.

The benefit of youth is that the body is resilient and bounces back, but it still requires energy and discipline to get back into the good rituals and routines. Old people don’t get second, third or fourth chances. Use them wisely when you are young.

abigail-keenan-YMVGhdhEgLY-unsplashPhoto by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash

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