A date with destiny

What would it be like if everyone you ever loved had a date that hovered above their head? The date was the day they were going to die. Similar to the expiry date on food in the grocery store. You were the only one who can see the date, and you can’t tell anyone.

Would it change the way you treated them? Maybe you’d be more forgiving, perhaps you’d be more present and savor your moments together.

We enjoy life more when we accept that life is finite and that everyone has a date above their head whether we can see it or not.

charisse-kenion-5vl1eKNp98s-unsplashPhoto by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

One thought on “A date with destiny

  1. I would probably be thinking: “Please don’t be nice to me” because that would mean the end is near. If you’re into writing short stories, your post would provide an interesting premise.

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