Redwood rings

When things get a bit crazy, I think about the Redwood Groves just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. There’s a grove of trees just outside of Mill Valley that I sometimes go to in my mind. If I stand in the middle and look up at the branches above, they form a roof that looks just like a cathedral ceiling. It’s the right place to ground myself and settle down. 

The tree rings of Redwoods that have been standing for hundreds of years tell us stories about climate change, drought, floods, and other significant changes to the earth. For years everything is normal, and then there’s an event that causes changes in the flow. 2020 is a year that our human tree of civilization will see a bump in the ring. I wonder what the future patterns will look like after that. 


2 thoughts on “Redwood rings

  1. Love this Mark. Love the imagery that you have created with your words.
    Life is upside down so this lifts my spirits up.
    Much love to you all on the other side of the world.

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