Empty Sky

I took the boys for a walk this evening. We needed to burn off some energy after being cooped up the whole day.

Every evening at dusk I usually see the A380s and Dreamliners, fully laden with fuel and luggage slowly gaining altitude as they head out across the Pacific. The setting sun reflects off the tail-wing, so it was easy to spot the airline. Most of them are heading to the US for an overnight flight. I like to imagine all the passengers settling in for the long haul flight. The headphones and blankets are all wrapped in plastic. The seatbelt sign is on, so people are browsing in-flight entertainment, peering out the windows. The atmosphere in the cabin feels new, exciting, and full of hope.

I looked up this evening and realized that there were no planes in the sky. Not one. The international flights are grounded. Waiting just like us.

It’ll be good to see their glinting tail wings up there again.

chad-peltola-Rch8oP-O5sU-unsplashPhoto by Chad Peltola on Unsplash

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