Running into the fire

Operational experience is critical when it comes to learning and improving.

My father-in-law cut his teeth as a new doctor delivering babies at Parkland Hospital in Texas, which is one of the leading U.S. hospitals by the number of annual births. It was the best place to learn because the quickest way to excellence in any discipline is to get into the action and repeat, repeat, repeat.

I read today that twenty health care workers – 12 physicians and eight nurses from UCSF in San Francisco are flying to New York to help their fellow citizens. This is incredibly brave and courageous. Two hundred people volunteered, which also says something about UCSF and its culture.

While others do their duty and shelter in place, these healthcare workers are moving into the danger zone. It reminded me why the US flag is backward on military uniforms. It is because the flag gives the effect of flying in the breeze as the wearer moves forward into battle.

These brave souls will return to San Francisco as better physicians and nurses because they have seen the heat of the battle and learned.  New York wins, San Francisco wins, we all win.

Let’s roll.

Source photo Fezbot2000


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