Show up early and show up often

My wife took away a valuable little tidbit after chatting to a doctor friend about the benefits of health supplements like various vitamins and Chinese herbs. 

Her friend told her that vitamins and herbs are beneficial when they show up early and often. Don’t start taking them when you are sick, take them when you are healthy, and build up a defense.

A chiropractor buddy told me the same thing. He said that most of his patients turn up at his door when they have chronic pain. The best time to treat yourself and get aligned is when you aren’t in pain or aren’t overcompensating because of an injury.

Show up early and show up often. This principle can be applied to a lot of things in life.


Raising kids


Healthy eating


Saving cash

Build up reserves in all these areas, so that you have a cushion when you get knocked on the canvas. A soft cushion means you can get back up quickly, and it’s not a knock out blow when you take an uppercut out of the blue.

baylee-gramling-5m4Z14SDL80-unsplashPhoto by Baylee Gramling on Unsplash




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