The emperor has no clothes

I wonder how all the talk show hosts, pseudo-celebrities and influencers are feeling about their new shelter in place world. Their oxygen supply is turned off. Nobody is watching them anymore.

The lockdowns have leveled the entertainment playing field. Now everyone has access to the same distribution channels. Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and WhatsApp are the platforms that entertain us. I’ve discovered so many smart, funny, crazy and thoughtful previously ‘unknown’ people who have risen to the moment to entertain and inform me.

Pre-COVID the studios had the power of high-quality production, live studio guests, the live studio audience, the field reporters and staff. That’s all changed. Now it’s about raw talent, guerrilla marketing, and community. The studios can’t give their contrived stars air cover through shock and awe promotions and prime time TV slots during the lockdown. There will be some that survive because they have raw talent like Ellen, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, but for a lot of them it’s a bit like everyone can see that the emperor has no clothes.

We also saw some true colors of ‘TV doctors’ come out because don’t have their minders around for damage control. Foot in the mouth seems to be a common side effect of COVID. At least all of us now know that TV Doctors aren’t real doctors

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