The truth 100 years from now

How will we retell the pandemic stories of 2020? If the news we read today is already editorialized, full of clickbait, and half-truths, then the history books 100 years from now will be even worse.

Imagine all the exaggerations and lies that will be spun in the coming years as we talk to our grandchildren about lockdowns, hoarding, Wuhan, border closings, social distancing, face masks, and Donald Trump.

We live in an era where everything is documented and broadcasted as it happens. Maybe platforms with community-generated content like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook will be the source of truth when people look back and seek out the real stories of the 2020 Global Pandemic. COVID-19 will be the most documented and written about virus in the history of the world.

I wonder if the truth survives.

Photo by Casey Nguyen on Unsplash

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