The power of words

My father first got me interested in the weight and power of words. Understanding the meanings and root of a word added a whole new dimension to reading and learning.

Take the word love as an example. Next time you say you love something or someone, it’s worth thinking about what you mean.

Just for fun, here are eight ways to define love:

  1. Agape — Unconditional love. Altruistic, selfless, unconditional love
  2. Pragma — Enduring love. Love that has matured and developed over a long time.
  3. Eros — Romantic, passionate, and physical love
  4. Ludus — Playful love. The giddy feeling of young romance. The honeymoon period.
  5. Philia — Affectionate love. The kind of love that you feel for your friends.
  6. Philautia — Self-love. Being okay with yourself, kind of love.
  7. Storge — The kinship and the bonding love that happens with groups of friends, sports teams or alumni groups.
  8. Mania — Obsessive love. The crazy fanatical love that can be a little loco.
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