Fake news anti-bodies

If this how the anti-vaxxers maskers respond to a global pandemic, then it’s pretty clear how they will react to the consequences of climate change.

When the internet first came along, people were scared to buy anything online because nobody trusted the world wide web. Now people will amplify and endorse fake news and views like gospel. Just because you say it, doesn’t make it true, should be changed to just because you saw it on Facebook doesn’t make it accurate.

Sadly, it took a deadly pandemic to remind people that fake news is fake.

Fake news farms have met their match, especially with the older generation who are scared shitless by the US government’s handling of the pandemic. By letting the virus get out of control, it’s put their lives at risk. In the past, they had the privilege to share fake news because they weren’t personally affected by the consequences. Covid-19 is a reality check. It’s not just about the health of their 401k anymore.

Data-driven evidence, expert guidance, science and leadership matters. The virus doesn’t go away because of conspiracy theories from charismatic politicians or cable news clowns and entertainers. Hope and lies are not treatment regimes. The antidote for Covid-19 is cold hard facts and self-sacrifice. Unfortunately that’s in short supply right now.

Maybe COVID-19 is like a vaccine that helps us develop anti-bodies against fake news and charlatan politicians and presidents. Maybe when this happens again, our anti-bodies will kick in, and we will be more resistant to junk news and false prophets.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com