Finding a brick and mortar community

Some things look for when deciding where to live:

  1. High walkability scores with food, schools, and friends all within walking distance.
  2. Public transport hubs like trains, ferries, and buses.
  3. Gathering spots like a main street or village square where people congregate, shop, and socialize.
  4. Accessibility to pensioners. Pensioners are tribal leaders and carry the history of the place in their heads. It also means it’s a friendly place to grow old.
  5. Open gardens and no walls. High walls cut people off from their neighbours and build distrust.
  6. Characters makes up the neighbourhood’s character – Urban density like apartments and multi-unity buildings. This signals housing affordability, giving teachers, artists, young families, and students the chance to live where they work.
  7. Local businesses like pharmacies, doctors, and professional services owned by people who live in the community and send their kids to the same school.
  8. Bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly footpaths. Too many housing communities are surrounded by a sea of roads and highways.
  9. Public access areas like parks and green spaces. Getting some fresh air and a walk shouldn’t cost you anything.
  10. Dog friendly.
  11. Renters are welcome. The renter today is the buyer tomorrow.
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