The power of networks

When Cornelius Vanderbilt found out that a business partner had been stealing from him, he wrote the former partner a letter. “I won’t sue you, for the law is too slow. I’ll ruin you. Yours truly, Cornelius Vanderbilt.” The former business partner went out of business later on.

I don’t believe in the saying the “Friends comes and go, but enemies accumulate.” After working in Silicon Valley for 15 years, I believe in the saying, “Friends accumulate, and don’t forget your enemies.”

There’s a massive power in a network of good humans that look out for each other with a “you win, we win” attitude. But this open culture only works if you don’t reward and encourage transactional, mercenary behavior from bad actors and takers.

Reward and build a good culture, but also don’t enable the selfish takers who use people and take advantage of the open culture of helping people without ulterior motives