Optionality, flexibility and resilience

Nobody predicted the changes to our lives once Covid hit. Things like housing prices, stock markets, border closures, vaccine efficacy, zoom, remote work, travel bans, raw material shortages, etc., were all complete unknowns.

Who would have predicted that Moderna, a US health-tech company, would create the first mRNA COVID vaccine within two days of receiving the COVID-19 genetic code!

People and companies of people will invent new ways to work and play over the next few years that we can’t even begin to imagine. It’s exciting and daunting if you don’t like change.

Humans are crap at predicting the future. People underestimate the changes that will occur when we snap back and the pandemic is behind us.

When the world snaps back, the way to thrive is to stop trying to predict the future and be ready to respond and adapt to the next curveballs.

People that have optionality, flexibility, and resilience will thrive.