Morning workout routines

Morning exercise has many benefits, such as higher motivation, more energy, and kickstarting your day. It’s important to note that avoiding coffee before a workout is best.

Breathing exercises and high-cardio exercises are effective stress relievers. One great way to achieve this is by swimming, a low-impact, high-cardio activity. Using props like kickboards, pull buoys, and snorkels can help keep things interesting and vary your routine. Open water swimming in the ocean is an excellent option as the natural surroundings, and potential wildlife encounters can add an extra layer of excitement.

After your workout, consider sitting in a sauna, similar to monkeys in the Himalayan hot baths. A quick cold shower after the sauna can refresh you.

To finish your routine, it’s essential to stretch on a mat. Focus on exercises that strengthen your back, lower body, and core, such as squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. Adding in 26 Bikram (aka hot yoga) poses can help activate your heart and thyroid while also building strength.

Sauna benefits:

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