Cheeky Cockatoos

This photo of a cockatoo was taken in Manly, Australia. Noisy, cheeky, and delightful, these birds bring a unique energy and charm to the bustling beaches and cafes of the area. Cockatoos have playful personalities and impressive acrobatic skills, making them a favorite among both locals and visitors in Manly.

During the day, these birds roost in massive fig trees, traffic lights, and eucalyptus trees. The massive fig trees, in particular, are a popular spot for these birds to hang out, but they make way for visiting fruit bats that feed on the figs when the sun sets.

While these cheeky birds may seem to be begging for food, resisting the urge to share your snacks with them is essential. Not only can feeding wild animals disrupt their natural behavior, but it’s also not the healthiest option for our feathered friends. Instead, why not enjoy the spectacle of these lively birds as they squawk, duck, and dive all over the place? Watching them interact with the visiting fruit bats in the fig trees is a remarkable experience that can provide a greater appreciation for the beauty of nature. So, let’s keep these delightful birds wild and let them continue to bring joy to visitors and locals in Manly.