The Importance of Learning Rules and Rituals from Our Elders

My grandmother was an avid golfer who continued to play well into her nineties. For her, golf was not just a sport but also a way to stay mobile, social, and fit. During my school holidays, she would invite my brothers and me to join her for a round of golf. As beginners, we were still learning the basics, but my grandmother was fastidious about the etiquette and rules of the game. We played early in the morning, completing 9 holes before it got crowded, and we always had a great time. However, there was also a serious undercurrent of respect for the game’s rules and rituals. We were expected to wear proper attire, keep the game moving, and respect the other players on the course.

Learning rules and rituals from our elders are essential because it allows us to benefit from their tribal knowledge. This is why multi-generational living makes sense: it provides opportunities for the younger generation to learn from their elders. It’s not just in sports like golf that this applies, but also in any discipline, including business, fitness, and socializing. When we learn from those who have come before us, we can avoid mistakes and gain valuable insights that we would not have otherwise. So, let’s embrace the wisdom of our elders and continue to learn from them in all aspects of life.