Food and health trends beyond 2017

Sugar and Social Media are the new big tobacco. Both will be hard to kick and will take years until people understand the effects these products have on our bodies. More and more people are ditching both of these stimulants in 2018. The question is what will replace them.

The legalization of marijuana in California will change the way people socialize. California is the fifth largest economy in the world so this will where mass consumption will start and innovate. High-quality Marijuana will be packaged and sold like Johnny Walker Whiskey and Apple Products with fancy white boxes and little blue velvet bags. Alcohol products have so much sugar in them that people will opt for edibles over cocktails. It will really take off when the Baby Boomer generation finds it socially acceptable. The downside is that there will be long-term health consequences for vapers, so people will favor edibles over time.

The concept of the gym will become less popular. People will opt to be outside or exercise at home. As the population continues to urbanize there will be less space for workout rooms and studios. People will exercise in smaller areas and the routines will change. Yoga and other natural bodyweight exercises will continue to gain in popularity. It’s affordable, can be practiced anywhere, and is low impact on your body.

Due to water shortages and climate change, people will start moving to places like Colorado, Oregon, Washington State. States with ample water, snow packs, and moderate climates. High populous states like California and NY will see hyper-urbanization. There will be massive car-free and gun free zones in the city. Previously high trafficked roads and freeways will become sought-after real estate because they are close to transportation hubs. Electric vehicles will reduce pollution and noise, while massively increasing safety and decreasing auto fatalities. Living next to roads will be where everyone wants to be. Insurance for non-autonomous cars will become unaffordable for the average American, forcing a shift to autonomous vehicles and mass public transit.

Eggs will be famous again. They are easy to prepare, contain a good dose of protein and are good for your heart.

Dairy will get less and less popular over time. We are the only mammals that drink milk after infancy. People will cut the dairy and eat more greens for all of their vitamin and calcium needs.

As people move away from meat look for an uptick in supplements like Bone broth and collagen.



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