It sounds like an episode from Game of Thrones, but it’s also a way to combat phone addiction. Take back control of your eyes. We spend hours glancing at our phones home-screen where apps developers compete for our attention. Red notification numbers and the full spectrum of colors that are engineered to make us click through and engage. Once you’ve clicked through then you the screen lights up like a Christmas tree. You are like a little mouse, getting the endorphin kick each time you click through.

Switch your phone to Grayscale mode. The way to do this on your iPhone is buried deep in General settings. I hope it becomes a shortcut key. Here’s a map. Try it for a week. If you are designer or a photographer, then it’s probably not an option, but for most of us, it helps take back our home screen.

Don’t let the phone decide when to use you. You choose when to use the phone.

Turn on grayscale. The downside of grayscale is that you lose all the color on pictures. I hope there’s a way to exclude photos when grayscale is turned on.

Turn off all notifications.

Turn off the sound.

Switch to airplane mode when you need extended flow time.

Review the apps on your home screen. If you are kicking sugar would you have a bowl of chocolate croissants in front of you on the kitchen table every morning while you eat fruit?

Try it.

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