Rule based rituals

Decisions sap energy. By the end of the day, most people don’t even want to decide what to eat for dinner. Reduce the the micro choices in your day with rule based rituals.

Here are some random examples.

Exercise at 7 am every morning. No debate, no delay. Stop spending brain energy rationalizing why you should hit the snooze button. Make the rule and then stick to it.

No alcohol on the airplane. No exceptions even if you are on route to Hawaii and offered a Mai Tai. Make the rule and stick to it. If you break it, then figure out why and adapt.

Cut out sugar. The free donuts 🍩 going to waste on the office counter are not an exception. Sticking to the rules saves you energy. You don’t have to reason with yourself each time, just follow the rules.

Rules around rituals are part of your internal operating system. Improve, add, remove and debug them over time with updates. Rules eliminate the debates around the micro-decisions we make every day and save you energy, so that you can spend your brain cycles on the more meaty decisions that count.

One thought on “Rule based rituals

  1. I have a theory it is the same with reading in the morning. If you read a paper it takes energy as every sentence requires analysis and a decision : is this important? Yes/no if yes then how? If no then why and so on. By the time you get to work you have unwittingly already hit decision fatigue. Food for though. PS don’t read this comment before work. 😳

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