Follow the themes and trends

Follow themes and trends. Avoid the breaking news. Cancel cable news and “NewsTwitter.”

Don’t just avoid the clickbait, flee from it.

Pay for your news – subscribe to the Washington Post.

Don’t read the free daily clickbait blogs (tech, politics, entertainment). Gossip sites are free because you are the product and they are paid to get you to click. It’s like IHOP “All you can eat” but for news. You’ll leave feeling sorry for yourself and guilty. You wouldn’t accept free food from a random roadside food truck, so don’t do it with what you read.

Invest for the long term. Don’t pay attention to “market corrections,” “Trump bumps,” “Trade WARS,” crypto’s ups and downs. It’s all short-term BS, pontifications and breaking news. Invest in trendlines. Set it and forget it.

Read this every morning if you feel the urge to click. It’s like eating an apple instead of a Twinkie.


One thought on “Follow the themes and trends

  1. Great point. You don’t accept free food from a random roadside truck and yet we accept information from random news sites for free. There is no free lunch in this world. You pay one way or another. Great post. I did half expect the link at the end to be to your blog 😉

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