What you work on works on you

Postive thinking starts with action. It’s not the other way around. People have mantras, dream boards, journals, brainstorms – but none of that stuff matters if you aren’t doing anything about it.

Hang out with and work with positive, action orientated people. When you socialize with doers, it’ll become pretty obvious very quickly who is standing still and who is moving.

Doers don’t have the time or patience for downers and complainers. If they don’t want to be around you, it’s probably because you are a negative person. Misery loves company. Doers love action and positivity.

Doing is contagious. Once you get over the fear of making mistakes or looking silly, then you are 98% of the way there.

Develop daily rituals and habits. Habits and routines are exercises that craft and sculpt your character.

Be a happy warrior and do the work.


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