Constant motion and mistakes

You don’t learn to ride a bike by reading about it. You learn by balancing and moving forward. Over time you get the muscle memory, learn how to adjust and have a few scrapes to prove it. The secret is to get on the bike and keep moving.

Most people just talk. And that where most ideas die. Some people get moving but then most give up after day one. The first wrong turn, small failure or funny look deflates them.

A small minority who persist, get it wrong, recalibrated and follow through. These are the last people left standing. They aren’t even the most talented people. Most of the gifted people are still talking about it either too distracted, seduced or scared to try something.

Don’t sit around waiting for inspiration. Start tweaking and tinkering now. And keep at it.

“Inspiration is for amateurs. Professionals just show up and get to work” – Chuck Close.


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