The courage to quit and the wisdom to persevere

There are four cardinal virtues for everyday life: prudence, temperance, courage and justice. Of all the virtues, courage is the most important.

Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities… because it is the quality which guarantees all others – Winston Churchill.

The crowd rewards grit and persistence, but make sure your grit and persistent is in the right direction. Remember it’s a lot easier to get in than it is to get out.

Knowing when to quit a case and having the courage to follow through with an exit is sometimes more difficult than staying on the case with stubborn perseverance. Just like the stock market, most humans hold on too long on the highs and hold on too long on the lows. It feels safer to hold and wait. It takes courage to sell and walk.

Take a deep breath and have the courage to step into the mystery.

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