Wolfing down your phone

Have you ever been to a restaurant when the table next to you is on their first date? They are both so polite and nibble at their food instead of scoffing it down. When one of them goes to the toilet, the other one (usually a guy) shovels down the food like it’s his last meal. When his date gets back to the table, then it’s back to over-polite sparrow eating mode for both of them.

People do the same thing with their phones. Someone goes to the bathroom, and the phone is out in a split second, and the bingeing begins. One person is devouring their phone at the table, and the other person is probably doing it on the toilet.

We love our food, and we love our phones. Once our guard is down, we don’t hold back!

nick-romanov-NVzng5G06IQ-unsplashPhoto by Nick Romanov on Unsplash

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