Organic growth and organic death

It’s refreshing to discover a group of people who informally get together regularly to talk, or exercise, or enjoy a craft.

There are no email subscriptions, no monthly fees or dues, no reactivation specials, no websites, no apps, and no waiting lists. The love of what they are doing brings them together. People turn up at the agreed-upon time and place. Accountability to themselves and others in their community governs their punctuality.  The magic happens once everyone has gathered together, and afterward, they disperse. There’s no headcount or points system. It’s great if they turn up, and there’s no logbook noting their absence. There’s no gamification, points system, or boy scout badges.

Organic groups ebb and flow. There are peaks and troughs of participation. When nobody turns up for a while, the group evolves or goes dormant for a while. Then someone decides to energize it again, and it appears again somewhere else. Sometimes it just dies, and that’s okay too.

You don’t have to monetize or sell everything you do. Life is not one big transactional exercise. The joy of doing and communing together is sometimes enough.

mario-purisic-jG1z5o7NCq4-unsplashPhoto by Mario Purisic on Unsplash

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