Bad juju

Some locations never work out. There’s a location in San Francisco like this. Every year a new shop opens up, and about a year or so later, the shop has been shuttered. A couple of months will go by, then up sprouts a new business. This time instead of a coffee shop, it’s an ice-cream parlor. After the grand opening, the slow melt begins, and we all know how the story ends.

Other locations have high energy, and the shop that’s lucky enough to be there rides that wave all day long. The service is shitty, the waits are long, and the food is meh, but that doesn’t matter because the location has good juju.

Some homes are the same. It’s doesn’t matter how much work you do to the garden or what color you paint the walls, it just looks depressing and worn out. It’s not the house, it’s the location.

Bad juju could be because it’s right on a noisy bus line, or a cold, windy corner or place where people drive to fast and unsafely. It’s hard to reverse the funky juju flow, so instead, pick a winning spot with a great history. Good juju has good momentum.

e-s-IRGuPlhnaJ4-unsplashPhoto by e s on Unsplash

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