Lockdown and Locals

Lockdowns are tough for everyone, but especially for people without families. People need community, and right now, that’s not available.

There will probably be long-term mental health issues caused by the prohibition of social events and community gatherings. For a lot of older people who haven’t mastered technology like WhatsApp, Facetime, Zoom, etc – physical isolation also means social isolation.

Pre lockdown, coffee shops, local pubs, drinking holes, tennis clubs, golf clubs, bowling clubs, churches, swimming clubs, etc. all had their resident barflies – “the locals.” These were the people that turned up every night to grab a drink and have a banter.

If it was the pub, then that’s probably where they ate dinner as well.

They were there every night because there was nobody at home who needed them and it got lonely.

They knew the barman, the waitstaff, and the manager.

They had the same table every night.

They ate the special of the day. It was like home cooking for them.

They arrived as the doors opened and were there until the lights turned off, and the tables were wiped down.

They were there every night because it was an extension of their home.

It’s where they went to get human interaction and to socialize.

The members of the club, and the people who worked there were like family.

If they didn’t turn up for dinner one night, I’m sure someone would have call to check in on them.

Some of these clubs and pubs will not make it through the economic pain of the pandemic. I wonder if it’s the same for the old local barflies as well?

man holding mug in front of laptop

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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