Uvivi is a Zulu word which means the darkness before the dawn. It’s true. It’s more so in the bush, but I sometimes get the same experience in the city. 

My son woke me up this morning at 4am. After I had tucked him back into bed and coaxed him back to sleep, I paused for a second and looked out of the upstairs window. It was pitch black outside, the city was quiet…a rare moment in a busy and growing city like San Francisco. The moment felt like no mans land – a shift between midnight and dawn. 

There are gateway places out there with thin membranes. Places like Point Reyes, north of San Francisco and Big Sur, south of Monterey. Places with thin membranes, where it’s a lot easier to feel connected to something greater than yourself and ‘tap in’. I felt a similar connection at 4am this morning. The moment passed and the next thing I knew I was crawling back into bed as the first hints of sunlight started to appear. The moment had passed but the impression remained. 

Sometimes a connection to something bigger isn’t about being in a place it’s about being in a state of mind.  

One thought on “Uvivi

  1. Very true. I think those places you mention put you in a state of mind to tap in. It is not like those places are in themselves gateways. The gateway is within us, always has been and always will be. It is why you felt it today. Certain things (and places) help us connect but the connection is through us.

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