Room to roam around your mind

You mind can’t roam free when it’s cluttered. A cluttered mind is exhausting and will trip you up and slow you down.

Maybe it’s an old to do list, a bill you need to pay, an unread book sitting on your bedside table, a tough conversation, a phone call that needs to be returned.

All this stuff clutters up your mind and sucks energy. Don’t let it fester and take up space. Get it done or let it go.

2 thoughts on “Room to roam around your mind

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  2. Also, studies have shown that undone tasks take up the same mental energy, whether they are large or small. Therefore, if you have to paint the house, buy the groceries and charge your toothbrush, they all take up the same mental energy left undone. The solution is not to start with the painting of the house but rather with the toothbrush and then the groceries because by ticking those two off, you will have two-thirds as much mental energy than if you start with the painting, which will take days.

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