Health is a glass ball

Your health is a glass ball. It will shatter if you drop it. Rebuilding is hard and sometimes impossible.

A wealthy man worries about many things. A sick man worries about one thing. 

A dying billionaire would give away his fortune to be young and healthy.

Youth and vitality are priceless. Use it wisely. 

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What’s good for the heart is good for the brain

I picked out some gems from a Terry Gross interview with British neuroscientist Joseph Jebelli first set out to study Alzheimer’s because of his grandfather died of the disease. It’s worth a listen.

What’s good for the heart is good for the brain. When we exercise, the brain releases a protein called Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, also known as BDNF. BDNF acts as a fertilizer for the mind and can aid the growth of new neurons and new synapses. Next time you work out you are doing some gardening on your brain.

A Mediterranean diet lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s. So eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts. Cook with olive oil and cut back on the red meat.

The spice turmeric has been seen to be a super good for brain health. Get going with the turmeric lattes and learn to cook with the spice. It pops up in a lot of Indian food staples. Another natural reason to eat more Indian food.

Energize your day

Kick the coffee. Drink herbal tea.🍵 It’ll regulate your moods.

Drop the booze at night. You’ll sleep deeper and wake up rested

Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.

Exercise for at least 25min every day. Get a balance of anaerobic and aerobic exercise.

Phone a friend and catch up. Don’t text or post something. Phone the person. Connect with them, don’t just communicate with them.

Get lunch outside of the office. It’ll get you walking, and you’ll probably eat with someone else.

Drink lots of water.

Avoid sugar, especially during the afternoon slump. Same with coffee.

Eat oats in the morning. You’ll also lose weight. Avoid toast for breakfast, especially with sweet jams, etc. are not ideal for breakfast. Toast is an efficient food delivery system, so be careful what the cargo is. If you must have toast, then have it with some butter.

Spend time with positive people.

Smile 😊

Be kind and shrug off grudges and slights. Grudges suck up a ton energy.

Be thankful for one thing every day.

Be social. We are pack animals. A community is a powerful thing.

Giving is energizing. Be a giver.

Ten dinner cooking tips

Buy a nonstick saucepan. Replace it every year. It doesn’t have to be made of kryptonite or unobtainium. A new pan washes easily and makes cooking a pleasure. Throw out the old pan and rotate.

Wash the pan once it’s cooled down. Washing the pan when it’s hot will wear away the nonstick stuff.

Eat leftovers. They last longer than you think. Get tastier over time and make one meal into three

Use ghee over butter or oil. It doesn’t smoke like oil and adds flavor.

If you can lean, then you can clean

Vegetarian dishes are easier to clean up than meat dishes. The ingredients last longer in the fridge.

There’s nothing a fried egg or avocado won’t solve. Just plop it on t with a bit of salt and pepper. Same for heirloom tomatoes 🍅

Undercooking your meat is okay. Salmonella is a thing, but most meat should be on the rare side.

If you have the time, cook food on medium heat versus incinerating it on high. It’ll take longer, but it’ll be juicer and more flavorsome.

Eat early. It’ll give you more time to digest your food and you’ll sleep better.

Friday Smoothie Mornings

Thanks to @SocratixSW1 for morning smoothie recipe.

1 banana;

1 date – add to taste

Handful of baby spinach,

Handful of mixed nuts,

Tablespoon of almond butter,

Handful of blueberries (frozen or fresh),

100ml Kefir,

Coconut water and almond milk until up to max.


Add pinch of spirulina if you feel like changing it up (turns it super green!)

Add half an avocado

9 exercise, dieting and sanity tips – Part 2

I received a lot of feedback on my 9 exercise, dieting and sanity tips, so I decided to pontificate some more on the topic. I’m planning on turning these daily musings into a book, so this will be in the Mind / Body / Spirit section…which is basically the whole book! 😛

Here goes:

Eat slow cooked oats in the morning – prep them the night before in a slow cooker. The downside is that you have to clean the pot every day, but they are way tastier than instant oats…so you’ll keep doing it. Oats is a blood sugar stabilizing way to start your day and a full portion will see you through to lunch.

Write down positive mantras, be specific and say them out aloud daily. Use the notes app on your phone as a way for easy access. Keep tweaking them – it’s a fun dream boarding exercise and the list will hold you accountable. If you are brave then share them with your close friends and family – they will also hold you accountable.

Unfollow complainers, negative people and cynical people on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Only follow people on Facebook who are proximate. It’s not normal to be reading about someone you went to school with and haven’t talked to in over a decade.

Twitter is like the Ring of Sauron. If you get too close and don’t treat it with respect then it’ll consume you. Twitter is a powerful source of knowledge and wisdom, but it’s also filled with hate and darkness. Handle with care, choose wisely who to follow and mute the negativity. Don’t get sucked into the manufactured outrage and hot takes…Twitter can turn into a Kangaroo court very quickly which is unfair and cruel.

Don’t watch cable news…ever. It’s not news, it’s unhealthy entertainment masquerading as news. Breaking news is commoditized, it’ll find you if it’s important enough. If you have a healthy, hand picked list of people you follow on Twitter then you’ll get the knowledge you need versus the unhealthy news firehose.

Build up a rainy day fund of credibility with people you work with…so when the shit hits the fan or you drop the ball on something – you have a credibility cushion. If you are running hard and moving fast then the shit will hit the fan and you will drop the ball at some point.

Listen more, talk less and pause before you respond to a question.

The Nutribullet is the best and only juice blender you should use. People give up on juicing because the set up and washing up is such a hack. The Nutribullet makes it super easy to throw in some fresh fruit, veggies and water and get it done in under 5 minutes. I drink the juice from the same blending cup and the blades are safe and easy to clean. No fuss, no mess. Set it up at night before you go to bed so the morning is a like a well oiled machine.